Allison Post

I was born in New York City and spent much of my youth involved in music, dance, and theatre arts. In 1976, as a result of a prolonged illness, I began practicing yoga and meditation and exploring alternatives to Western medicine. Inspired from the relief and insight from many of these practices, I began to share what I had learned, and I found that I had a talent for helping others. 

While in personal practice, I devoted myself to the continuing study and teaching of breath, meditation, healing, and movement traditions from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, and the United States. I hold certifications in Hypnotherapy, Asian and Western Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage, and Meditation. As a capstone to three decades of study and service to others, I’ve recently completed a program as an Integrative Medicine Health Coach.


I have been described by mentors and peers as a leading practitioner and educator in the field of healing and self-care. I have helped thousands of people with chronic illness, digestive discomfort, and physical challenges. My clients and students have found tremendous support during many transitions, including; giving birth, chronic stress, menopause, aging, grief and loss, and trauma arising from injury, surgery, and personal crisis.

I offer many different skills to help restore the body to its natural state of health. I provide depth of listening, exceptional perceptive abilities, and a warm and loving nature. I have always worked in conjunction with psychiatrists, trauma therapists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, and osteopaths, and I seek to integrate my work into an overall healing journey based on you as an individual.


Stephen Cavaliere  


While having practiced and taught Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Asian Foot Reflexology, and Movement Qigong for nearly three decades, I wholeheartedly supported my wife’s mission by co-writing Unwinding the Belly, Healing with Gentle Touch and The Gut Wellness Guide. Currently I co-write the newsletters and the audio and visual offerings that Allison presents. Yet my favorite contribution is, and always has been, to lead the warm-ups and movement training during our workshops.