A recent client wrote to me about our work together. Due to the personal nature of the correspondence, I have withheld her name.

The first thing that comes to mind about your work, Allison, is that I have gained a true and capable ally in my quest for health. And I am the grateful beneficiary of your dogged investigations.

The long term benefits have been plentiful:  I was able to discontinue the use of antidepressants and benzodiazepines.  I have been able to sustain my mood, sleep and energy level by replacing pharmaceuticals with herbal supplements and an improved diet.  In fact, you have helped me fully embrace a way of eating that is deeply aligned with my body's greatest needs.

I have regained my confidence in my intuition and feel healthier than I have in a decade.  I have learned that there are some very wide arcs in my healing journey and that, with patience, I can learn how to be healthy and happy in the face of enormous and unprecedented challenges.

Thank you for all your fabulousness, Allison.  I love all that you are and do and bring to the world.