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As the research continues to confirm, the root of most of our intestinal problems is stress. Based on what I’ve found to be most effective in my thirty-plus years of working with thousands of people with gut issues, I’ve designed The Gut Wellness Course to help you rebuild your foundation of health.

With an emphasis on re-establishing the natural, visceral communication that you were born with, this course puts you back on the path towards health and fitness so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer. You will be guided, in a steady and safe pace, to address the stress that can unfortunately create a vicious cycle between the gut, the nervous system, and hormone regulation.

Using a method I have developed called Unwinding, you will be able to sense in, feel, and reestablish the inherent health that your gut and brain naturally know how to create.

Unwinding will help you feel and understand what is out of whack, what changes are appropriate for you to make, and do so by honoring your need for positive emotional and social well-being. With Unwinding, you can work your way out of any unhealthy cycle that your body, due to stress, has unconsciously slipped into.

These unhealthy cycles can cause any number of auto-immune responses, such as gas, bloating, maldigestion of proteins, blood sugar spikes and crashes, and most of the conditions, syndromes, and “pre-diseases” we hear about so much these days.

This online course is not only a valuable companion to the book. It is the perfect choice for those who meet with me online or in person. I’ve designed The Gut Wellness Course to mirror the work I apply in our sessions, and it gives you the opportunity to study and practice at your convenience between our sessions. Working with the course, before we meet or during our time together, is an excellent way for us to go beyond the basics. This is why I encourage new clients to obtain the course at some point in our healing journey together.

I welcome you to embrace healing where it begins, at its most primary, visceral, and personal place—in your gut.

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