online course


Breath, Touch, Awareness for a Healthy Gut and Joyful Living

with Allison Post

Coming soon!


Unwinding is an essential skill of the healing process. When we breathe and make gentle contact with our center we discover what truly ails us. Once we develop an aware and intuitive relationship with ourselves, we can begin to allow sensations and patterns of unease to pass through the tissues of our body, and our mind, and to flow with our internal pattern of health.

    •    Learn to contact your gut and breathe comfortably, safely, and in gentle stages, at your own pace.

    •    Become more intimate with your diaphragm and breath; experience your body three-dimensionally

    •    Know your body in an authentic way

    •    Cultivate the ability to self-regulate and soothe your nervous system

    •    Become firmly grounded in your own body and experience, and enhance and bring more joy to the other body/mind practices that you might do, such as Dance, Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation.

The Online Course will include:

  • Approximately 15 different video segments that clearly demonstrate the breathing and touch techniques presented in our book
  • Each step has a companion audio, presented at a slower, meditative pace, so that you can imbibe the technique when in a state of deep relaxation. This includes a bonus breathing meditation
  • A bonus audio recording with five unique body explorations
  • Access to Allison’s once-a-month live, online, community “office hour” meetings
  • With each module we provide stimulating questions that will bring into focus any questions or concerns that arise for you, in preparation for the online, office hours meetings

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