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“A trusted friend of mine recommended Allison Post to me.  At the time I was in pain, under the care of an eminent gastroenterologist, and in need of relief from both my physical discomfort and the accompanying emotional distress of illness.  Allison brought her deep and multi-disciplined approach to each healing session; I especially benefited from her healthy respect for and understanding of 21st century Western modalities as she applied many Eastern practices of integral (whole person) healing.  I found Allison to be personable, professional, and intentional.  She resolved my health issues, healed my spirit, and educated me so that I now have my own self-healing practices.  She’s a gifted healer and a gift to the world.”

-Diane Woods, MCC 
Founder of Partnering with Life



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Somatic Bodywork with Integrative Medicine Health Coaching

Throughout the thirty-plus years of experience working with people of varying ages and conditions, I have found that stress, in tandem with microbial imbalance in the gut, is the root cause of many of our problems and discomfort.

I specialize in helping you find ways to ease that stress and to find ways to address the imbalances that can mimic the effects—if not cause—bad digestion, malabsorption of nutrients, and the many conditions, syndromes, and autoimmune diseases that have become so commonplace in today’s world.

I teach people how to unwind from chronic stress, to sink in to their innermost sensations, and establish profound communication with the all important, interlocking systems of the body; digestive, nervous, circulatory, and hormonal.

Please take a moment to review the online course I’ve created for those who are not able to visit me in person. Visit the course site here.

Please note that if you choose to work with me in person, either online or in my office, you will have the option to integrate this course into the way we practice together.


If you decide that you prefer private sessions, either online or in person, we will work collaboratively, embarking upon a discovery process that will inspire you to find the clarity and alignment that is in sync with your needs and goals. We can review and expand upon the breath and touch techniques that you learned in The Gut Wellness Course, and we will decide together if you need any clinical testing such as an HPA stress profile or a GI screen. I also offer nutritional guidance, sleep hygiene support, and exercise and functional fitness coaching aligned to your condition, energy level, and test results, as well as support by way of referrals, if needed.

The solutions we arrive at will lead to greater self-efficacy and independence, and the strategies that we establish together will be realistic and support the other aspects of your life. Throughout your journey, I seek to listen to you, and honor you, as an individual and as the primary expert in your own life!

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