audio recordings

Breath, Touch, Awareness for a Healthy Gut and Joyful Living

with Allison Post

Coming soon!

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This Audio Recording has the same step by step instruction of the breathing and touch techniques as our online program, but is presented at a slower, more meditative pace. This allows you to sense in without visual distraction. The audio also includes a bonus embodiment meditation that helps the listener develop the important skill of  'pause and rest' breathing, which helps to effortlessly lengthen the inhale and exhale, and to slow down the thinking mind to better access the vagus nerve connection between the brain and body.

We include this audio in the online program that features video instruction so that the two modalities of learning can be combined. You can learn the technique comprehensively (by seeing) before going deeper in a more meditative state (listening) to fully tap into inner resources that create and manifest your inherent health.

But for those who enjoy learning by relaxing to sound, we offer this audio course as a separate purchase.

Whole-Body Explorations
with Allison Post

Coming soon!


Whole-Body Explorations invites you to be at ease with the physiology of your body. Five separate embodiment explorations allow you to sense into yourself in three-dimensional space, experience yourself as one system inside your skin, feel outside your skin, and develop healthy boundaries to cultivate self regulation. As you dive deeper into your bones, connective tissues and organs, you integrate a way to experience your whole body with the waves and tides and subtle energies that express your inherent vitality. This puts you in touch with resilience and inner knowing, and you partner with your healing.

Each embodiment meditation can be experienced separately, or you can eventually do them one after another for an extended, 85 minute, total relaxation and healing session.

This advanced embodiment audio recording will be included as a bonus in our upcoming online course, but we will also be offering it for separate purchase.