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The Gut Wellness Guide
by Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere
235 pages, hardbound
$24.95  order here

A user-friendly guide for anyone grappling with hard-to-pin-down causes of chronic pain, fatigue, gas, bloating, and other common disorders associated with the gut, as well as those wanting to improve their overall health. 

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Breath, Touch and Awareness for a Healthy Gut and Joyful Living

with Allison Post
video and audio program, stream or download
$19.95  order here

Unwinding is an essential skill of the healing process. When we breathe and make gentle contact with our center we discover what truly ails us. Once we develop an aware and intuitive relationship with ourselves, we can begin to allow sensations and patterns of unease to pass through the tissues of our body, and our mind, and to flow with our internal pattern of health.


An important part of Allison's practice, her workshops are a great way to get a more intensive experience.  If you are interested in upcoming events, including times, locations and more please go to our Contact page or subscribe to our newsetter.